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Sacramento, CA Online Community's Forum Rules No flaming, harassment, racism, bigotry, or trolling.
Personal attacks are grounds for being banned. If you have a problem with something that another member has posted in the forums contact the admin instead of posting a personal attack.

Harassing members of in any way will not be tolerated. If a member has made it clear that they do not wish to be contacted by a certain party, it is that party's responsibility to respect this request. If you are found to be harassing any member of you may be warned once, after that, you will be banned. If you are being harassed and would like us to take action, please notify us immediately.

Post in the correct place.
Double posting is not necessary. Post it in the correct place and your topic should be answered. There are several forums on and I'm sure that if you place the topic you want answered in the correct forum then it will get the attention it deserves. Read the forum descriptions to have an idea of what belongs where. Topics not posted in the correct forum will be moved, leaving the original topic linking to the new one.

Signature/Avatar Policy
Please keep your signatures clean, as in no profanity or nudity. Remember people read this site in front of kids and at work. If you think it may be offensive, it probably is, and will be removed. The same rule applies to Avatars as well. Keep the size of your signature down pixel wise below 500x250 and file size below 50k to be thoughtful to the fellow site users who still are using dialup ISPs. Animated signatures are not allowed. Text signatures are limited to ten (10) lines. If you wish to use an image and text, please limit the amount of text to two or three lines.

Private Messages
Please delete your private messages as this service is not meant for you to be storing them, but to read, reply and delete.

Pornography is NOT to be posted anywhere on the site, including links, avatars and signatures.

Absolutely, positively, no get-rich-quick schemes, multi-level-marketing, or anything else that can be considered commercial spam, unless otherwise approved by an admin. This includes any unsolicited private messages, emails, or instant messages regarding a product, service or web site to members of using information obtained via these forums and this site without their prior consent. Only current site sponsors may use a domain name (including TLD, i.e. .com, .net, etc.) as their username. Promoting one's commercial or competing site in their username, avatar, posts & signature is also forbidden, without first becoming a site sponsor, or having prior approval. Advertising information can be found here.


Violating these rules may result in a warning, deletion, temporary suspension, or permanent banning. The site administration and moderating team reserve the right to edit or delete any post for any reason. Decisions and actions of the administrator and moderating team are final and not open to negotiation. Rules are subject to change without notice...

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