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Posted 23 October 2012 - 11:43 AM

Do you want to write a good novel? Several writing tutorials help writers learn how to write a good novel. A good writing tutorial offering you tips on how to write a good novel will only offer you guidance and not false hopes. A good writing tutorial should guide you step-by-step through the planning and research process to the actual writing. An effective writing tutorial also teaches you how to write a good novel by offering you practical tips that you can apply and practice. There are many such tutorials online. Compare the different tutorials and pick those things that will be beneficial to you. There is no single formula to writing. Use what works for you.

Novel writing is putting your thoughts and imagination in writing to be read by different people. Today the market has novels in many languages written by various authors. First, write down all the ideas you have for a storyline. Structure it in a way that they flow and can be easily understood by another reader. The first part of this story will be the introduction, followed by the middle section which the conflict is rising while the last is the conflict resolution stage.

To write a good novel, you should have a good understanding of story structure. In short, an ideal story has a story question and a premise. The question is something that the reader seeks to find an answer to, and it keeps him or her turning the pages. The question is the answer to the protagonist's goal. Every good novel (and screenplay for that matter) has a character goal. In the movie "The Goonies," for example, the protagonists (the good guys) were about to foreclose on their house and the kids sought a solution by searching for "On-eyed Willy's" pirate treasures. Through their adventures, filled with conflict and challenges, they got closer to this goal. Then, right when it seemed they had succeeded, the antagonists (the criminals known as the Fratellis) seized their pirate treasure.

The vast majority of novels are written as a collaboration. That is, most authors work with a team of writers to write a good novel. Sometimes the credited author created the story premise and other times he or she learned about the idea from another writer who sold the idea that would later be developed into a novel. Some novelists have a rough draft and need to hire a ghostwriter to expand, edit, and improve the novel.

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