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#1 User is offline   Mike 

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Posted 18 November 2008 - 02:23 PM

Every time I drive through the park, which I often do to get to or from my home, I think about the selfishness and elitism of a few Land Park homeowners behind the closing of the park streets to City College student parking.  For years, students lined these streets with their cars as they attended classes, and I fail to see what harm, if any, their presence there caused.  I never once saw the light traffic within the park impeded, either by the cars or by the kids walking between them and the school.

For some reason, that changed just a few years back, and now there are 2-hour limit signs throughout the west end of the park near the school.  Further, the city devotes, apparently, a full-time "meter maid" (or man, I suppose) in a scooter to enforce the limit, an extremely tight enforcement. 

Sacramento City College (and all junior colleges) serve a segment of the public who want a college degree but must work it into work schedules or who cannot easily afford the standard four-year colleges.  College parking is always expensive and difficult to find on every campus I have ever seen or heard of.  Kids arriving in time for class have to drive up and down row after row of parking, "cruising" for the few available spaces, often being made late for class.  Kids and adults trying to find a reasonably-priced way to get the education they need and improve themselves either pay the fee or do their best to run back and forth during the day to keep moving their cars, and woe to them who are just a few minutes late.

And for what?  Who benefits from this restriction?  A dozen homeowners who have to see cars in the park?  Parking on their streets is not impacted.  All of the residential streets in the area are sticker-controlled, allowing only residents to park there, far more preference than residents of most other Sacramento neighborhoods enjoy.  The golfers?  Maybe they'd like to pretend they're playing at an expensive private country club that doesn't have streets running through the course.  But of course they are playing in a city park in the middle of a residential neighborhood, and the streets are a reality.  Is it only to protect these people's VIEW that hundreds of low-income students are inconvenienced and penalized every day?  This is not right, and we need to make it right again.

#2 User is offline   pchef 

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Posted 19 November 2008 - 07:12 AM

You are so right on this issue.  I am a graduate of city college years back and i remember we were able to park out in the park area with no restrictions and parking in the lot was out of the question for me, who could afford it? 

I can understand how homeowners feel as well, but it's not like the cars are there all day long.  However i do also know how frustrating it is when a homeowner is expecting guest over during the day and there is no where for them to park maybe...i have seen where they have gone and blocked off there little area to accomodate that.

another positive is that these cars are there for you if you are not there doing the day, it makes it looks like someone is visiting you therefore the possibility of breaking into one's home is not a great percentage. 

gone are the days where we use to park our cars over where the parking lot is for the funeral home... ah memories.

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