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Posted 08 January 2010 - 05:51 PM

I have a son who is a junior at Bella Vista H.S. in Fair Oaks, Ca ( a Sacramento suburb) and must make this post because of the lack of common sense in daily decisions by the schools staff.

This is mostly directed at the staff in the office not all the teachers. But their are a few to avoid for sure.

Doug Grush - P.E. won't hesitate to send your child to detention and lie to make the case!

Robert Wegsteen - Vice Principal - is discipline first and the facts mean little to him what so ever. If your in his office - YOUR GUILTY PERIOD!

And putting discipline ahead of education in a school that has (or should) have very few disciplinary issues of note.

There is no guns and knives etc like others schools, so why the need to create problems?

The staff of this school seems to have a goal or quota to fill their Saturday detention class each week as if they were paid by the student!

My son never has any serious issues but in the last 3 years he has been pointed out for real disciplinary issues 3 times of which 1 was legitimate and I supported the detention.
The other two were the staff jumping to conclusions and not asking questions of the witnesses (well I did) and my son was innocent of the very minor issues they were panicking about.

Now in the big picture I know whats the big deal.
Well my problem with this is that the teacher and principals lied on several occasions to support their conclusion without researching it.

I have their contradicting stories on email and even when presented with evidence of these lies they continue to tell another to cover that.

And the principal believes them all at their word and not the child ever.

My son is from a split home as many kids are. My ex was getting him to school late on a regular basis which I talked to her about it but to no avail.

We then my son started having to do Saturday detentions for being late to classes which he has zero control over since he can't drive and lives too far away to ride a bike.
And they could see the pattern that my week he was always on time and then late on the ex's weeks.

Didn't matter, facts and common sense are not used at this institution! .

EDUCATION BEFORE DISCIPLINE should be the focus of any educational institution I feel.

If possible I would recommend another H.S. before putting my child into B.V. !!

Unless you want your child to get singled out and harassed!!

Good Luck and maybe your children find a supportive educational school and staff!

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