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Sacramento Forums: How Your Furnace Works; and why it could be the cause of most CO Poisonings - Sacramento Forums

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How Your Furnace Works; and why it could be the cause of most CO Poisonings Heard a lot lately about Carbon Monoxide poisonings? Rate Topic: -----

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  Posted 14 February 2011 - 11:51 AM

I wrote this originally as a post to educate our current customers, because we were getting a lot of technical questions about how the heater works and why it could be linked to carbon monoxide poisonings. But then I was getting a lot of requests to send the information out. I hope this opens peoples eyes to preventing carbon monoxide poisonings.

Maintaining your furnace is important if you want to get the most out of your heating system. The heater maintenance is recommended by furnace manufactures to have done once a year.

“So it’s not just a way for heating and air companies to make money off me?”

Of course not. Because you have flames and exhaust gases being generated in the furnace, these yearly tune-ups are not only for extending the life of your unit, but for your wellbeing and the safety of your family.

“So how does my heater work exactly?”
Posted Image

I’m glad you asked. This is a very complex and confusing process, difficult for me to describe, but I will try my best. First off, you tell the thermostat what temperature you want your home to be, not too hot, not too cold. Then the thermostat takes that perfect little number and decides whether or not to start the heating process. Let’s say it’s too cold in your home, the heating procedure is started! The ‘return duct’ takes in cold air and cleans the air through your filter. Then using the heat exchanger and the gas burner, your filtered air is heated. Finally the heated air is circulated with a blower motor all throughout your ductwork. This is the heating process in a perfectly functioning, regularly maintained gas furnace… but now the important question is;

“When did I last have a safety tune-up and inspection done on my furnace?”

If your answer is more than a year ago, your heating process can vary greatly from the perfect one I just described. There are also so many dangers that come with a heater that is not running correctly. The process of burning the gas to heat the air produces CO or Carbon Monoxide. Using a well maintained and properly functioning system the CO travels out of the heat exchanger and out of your home, on the other hand, if you have rust build up or cracks in your heat exchanger, that carbon monoxide could be leaking into your home.

Having the maintenance done is not only precautionary upkeep for your protection, but it costs a lot less in comparison to just running your heater to the ground and paying the various costs that accompany the repairs or even having to replace your system every 5 years.

Protect yourself and make sure your heater is a happy heater by having the safety maintenance done once a year!

To find out a little more about Alley Heating and Air, go ahead and check us out:
Or even cut to the chase and give us a call: (916) 429-2072

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