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Posted 14 November 2011 - 01:01 AM

Can you prevent the sun rising in the east, or the stars appearing during night? You do not have a say in those natural processes. Growing old is another such natural process and you cannot alter it. But here comes a dispute. Recent years have seen a sudden increase in the number of people who wish to stop the aging process - at least in appearance -- and there are many scientific treatments and products which came in handy.

Aging affects mainly the skin and the hair; so anti-aging treatment largely aims at erasing the symptoms of aging from skin and hair. Wrinkles, sagging folds over the eyelid, hair fall etc come along with the aging process and the various cosmetic products and therapies treat these `symptoms’. But the traditional medical treatments like Ayurveda, take a holistic approach to the treatment; it does not just treat the symptoms of old age. Instead, Ayurveda, through various methods, focus on retaining the youthful delight of both body and mind.

The main focus of such a treatment will be regularising the diet by including proper nutrients. Massaging as well as the intake of various herbal concoctions to rectify doshas will also help you keep the youthful glee in your appearance. The anti-aging treatment mainly aims at strengthening of the teeth, hair and the entire body; it also helps maintain a fit body apart from removing the aging symptoms. All these measures will help you slow down the process of aging. Yoga and meditation combined with Ayurveda practices will also give you the much needed vitality to your body. Kerala, being the land of Ayurveda, houses many health centres which provide anti aging treatment. No wonder, there are many tourists coming to ayurveda kerala to avail such treatments.

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Posted 19 December 2011 - 05:16 PM

My old uncle has lived in his 80's now by living worry free and stress free. He still has an active lifestyle and doesn't go weary or sick for a year now. He loves to walk and jog.

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